Program Information

The Lehigh University Industrial Assessment Center

Lehigh University's Industrial Assessment Center (IAC) provides industrial assessment service to small and medium-sized manufacturing companies in eastern Pennsylvania and New Jersey. The goals of the LUIAC are to recommend measures to conserve energy, reduce waste, and enhance productivity. By accomplishing these goals, the LUIAC improves the overall cost competitiveness of the companies it serves. The LUIAC provides assessment services to qualified facilities in the SIC Codes 2000-3999. The recommendations are primarily associated with the specific manufacturing processes in use by the particular companies. Process equipment and process operational changes are considered. The industrial building energy uses are also considered, including lighting, water heating, and any other large-consuming energy use. The Lehigh University Industrial Assessment Center is funded by the U.S. Department of Energy as a part of a national program to perform no-cost industrial assessments for small to medium sized industries.  The program is...

  • Confidential. A Confidentiality Agreement is signed by both the company and the Lehigh University IAC. The report prepared specifically for the company does not include the company name.

  • Minimal Time Commitment. In most cases, the IAC team visits a facility for one full day to examine the manufacturing process and take measurements.

  • Non-Regulatory. IAC assessments do not monitor compliance with any regulations. They are designed to offer technically sound and economically feasible advice to save energy, reduce waste, and increase productivity.

  • No Obligation. The plant incurs no obligation to act on recommendations; however, the IAC team's success is measured by the amount of energy and money saved.

  • Provides Experience for Students. Each IAC assessment provides practical experience and training for Lehigh University engineering students, who learn to analyze industrial processes and professionally communicate their analyses to company management.

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LUIAC Background

Lehigh's IAC is one of 26 centers supported by the U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) at universities across the country. Assessments are preformed by a team consisting of a Lehigh University faculty memeber and upper-level undergraduate and graduate engineering students.  During a site visit, students take measurements to audit the facility's use of energy and resources.  With the guidance of the Lead Assessor, a Lehigh University Professor, students generate a confidential report identifying opportunities to save energy, reduce waste and improve productivity.  On average, recommended actions from an assessment result in annual cost savings of $55,000. 

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