Assessment Process

Preliminary Information Analysis

The purpose of this annlysis is to collect preliminary information about the facility, which gives the IAC team some background data regarding utility bills and usage.  This analysis must be completed prior to arrangement of an assessment date.

Plant Visit

An initial meeting is held between the IAC and the plant representatives who will participate in the assessment. The purpose of this meeting is to explain the services being offered, obtain background information and define other data needed for the assessment. Categories of the assessment are energy efficiency, waste reduction, and productivity improvement.

Assessment Report

Following the plant visit, the IAC team spends time researching, evaluating, and developing the preliminary opportunities. These ideas are combined in an assessment report that is sent to the client and to the program management organization within 6 to 8 weeks. The report also includes total savings, implementation costs and payback time for each action recommended.

Follow Up

Approximately six months after the report is sent to the compnay, the IAC contacts the company to conduct an Implementation Survey to determine which, if any, of the recommendations were implemented.  The implementation rate is a factor used to measure the success of the IAC program.